Armed with smarter technology, optimized IT, and the elimination of unnecessary downtime, our current clients enjoy a 37% reduction in their IT expenditure.


When your IT is firing on all cylinders and you’re utilizing advanced technology like the Cloud, your employees will be able to reach their highest productivity levels yet.


When you no longer have to deal with frustrating IT distractions that slow down your business, you can reclaim your focus and take the next step towards more profits and growth.

IT support

We have the best and proven tools to provide you with the best and fastest IT support, solving everyday problems in record time and with the best results.

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Enjoy the best support and services combined together

we can manage effectively and efficiently your IT resources, plus we give you all the support and expertise implementing and securing your technology projects.

About us

We have the experience and the knowledge

We want you to focus on your business.

That technologies be a tool that works for you and not you for technologies.

That is why, we take advantage of our experience and knowledge to offer you technological services, administration and monitoring.

We want your peace of mind and that you feel comfortable and safe with your technological platform.

Say Goodbye to Linux Problems!

Expert LINUX Support Service and Administration combined together

Are you Looking for Linux support?
We provide both one-off Linux support and monthly systems administration plans.

Let us support you…

Say goodbye to Linux Problems and focus on your business

We are a Linux support company with decades of experience in all environments. We manage and provide support to clients of all sizes, from a single server deployment to a high-availability server cluster.

We support a wide range of opensource software. Here are a few that we support: Apache, OpenLDAP, PHP, MySQL, NgniX, WordPress along with many others.

We’re here to solve your Linux problems

A few things we’re great at

Our team of highly trained professionals with vast experience allow us to focus on providing you and your team with effective solutions that allow you to use technologies as a safe and efficient tool that helps you meet your business goals.


Arm yourself with the knowledge of IT experts who have years of technology experience under their belts. Our consultants will help guide your technology choices, so you gain the maximum return on your IT investment.


Stop worrying about IT issues, and gain the focus to rocket your business to the next level of profits and growth. Our full-service approach gives you personalized service and support that create a simple, hassle-free IT experience.


We can continuously archives all your data so that it’s ready to restore at a moment’s notice. Gain peace of mind knowing your data is always safe and sound – whether your business is hit by a hurricane or suffers an accidentally broken hard drive.

What can we offer you…

…to your company or to your IT team?

Team Workforce


Telecom Solutions

Cloud Servers and Storage

Secure Files Sharing

Systems Integrations

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Always monitored

You deserve a continuous audit and monitoring of your IT services. Therefore is why we take care of it, implementing our monitoring service.


We carry out constant scans reviewing the components of your networks to detect possible known vulnerabilities and mitigate risks by proposing how to solve it.


We look for security gaps in their networks, as well as we constantly monitor their operation


Knowing how your servers perform, the hours of more and less consumption of resources and ensuring security and preventive detection of gaps and failures, is part of our commitment


Mitigating risks and solving possible security gaps, as well as keeping you informed of the latest possible known risks to your computing platform, is an obligation for us.

How have we done to grow?

The Secret of Success

Our main concern is the satisfaction of our clients, which is why we work hard to make you feel calm. For that we focus on our greatest strengths …


More than twenty years of experience in technologies allow us to have a memory that enables us to foresee possible and common errors in decision-making.


We know what we do, and we have a group of professionals and allied companies in each area of specialization, which helps us offer the best service to our clients.


We consider our responsibility as an extremely important added value, which gives our clients peace of mind in the face of the commitments we make.


Our staff has long stood out for their professionalism, leaving our clients happy and satisfied with our work.


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The satisfaction of our clients is our business card

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We hope that you’re ready to realize the advantages that truly outstanding technology can bring to your business. If so, and you’re interested in working with us, please get in touch today.

With us, you don’t get paid to manage your technology. Outsourcing your IT support to Infinity Features allows you to focus on growing your business, so you can meet your goals. Infinity Deatures IT Managed Services to small business of 5 to 200 employees with a simple approach and affordable pricing that makes having your own IT Services Department easy.

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